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2017-2018 Annual Report

As I reflect over the last year I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved as a team here at Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation (ACMHC).

We have completed many upgrades to our three buildings with the support of both the Department of Health and Wellness and Department of Community Services ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment for our residents/clients.

We have implemented a new accounting and payroll system in the Business Office improving business processes while ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting.

Mountain Lea Lodge continues to roll out a new model of care with the addition of a Nurse Manager, two Coordinators of Care and two CCA Leads. These enhancements to our current model ensure our residents are at the center of everything we do and staff are supported to provide the best possible care.

We have heard from our residents/clients through our yearly survey that we are meeting their expectations on many quality indicators including food, recreation and quality of care.

We continue to work closely with Government on the Transformation of Disability Support Services in Nova Scotia. Our programs continue to support our residents/clients with different abilities to meet their goals including transitioning to community living.

Our journey continues as we build a strong culture of safety throughout ACMHC as we roll out PACE training for all our staff. This training will ensure we have a Safe Handling and Mobility program for our residents and staff.

Our Resident Councils and Family and Friends Council continue to be active across our organization ensuring that residents/clients and their families have input in all aspects of their care.

As you can see from our annual report we had great accomplishments this past year. We continue to invest in our people as education creates a solid foundation for the future of the organization.

In October of 2019, Mountain Lea Lodge will be going through its first Accreditation Canada survey. This will highlight our many quality initiatives while identifying gaps.

I would like to thank the dedicated staff and Leadership Team for bringing your best to work every day. Without you none of this would be possible.

To the Board of Directors, thank you for your commitment to the hard work that is involved in governing and growing ACMHC.

- Joyce d’Entremont CEO/Administrator

2017-2018 Annual Report
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