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Meadows Fund

The Board of Directors of the Mountains and Meadows Care Group (formerly known as Mountain Lea Lodge, Adult Residential Centre (Meadows) and the Willow Vale Apartments) saw a need to be able to provide donors giving to their facilities a charitable tax receipt.  Ongoing conversations with board members, staff, community volunteers and the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia brought about the realization of the Mountains and Meadows Fund.  

The newly formed board of the Mountains and Meadows Fund operates independently from the Mountains and Meadows Care Group.  Monies donated will be utilized for the betterment of the residents and NOT for the day to day operations of the facilities. 

In early 2020, the official board of directors was established and officially launched in partnership with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS). All donations $25 or larger are given a charitable tax receipt.


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Our Mission

The Mountains & Meadows Fund works to solicit donations and raise funds on behalf of the Mountains and Meadows Care Group for the comfort and benefit of the residents living there. 


Our Vision

A diverse Board of Directors will administer the fund in concert with the Community Fund of Nova Scotia. The Board of Directors of the Fund is independent of the Board of Directors of Mountain and Meadows Care Group but will support the long term strategic plan of that Board.

Our Values

Growing Your Gifts

The Max Young Fund

The Town of Bridgetown benefitted greatly from the generosity of many of its residents (past and present), service clubs, community organizations and businesses. Many of the Town’s facilities such as the arena, swimming pool, tennis courts and Jubilee Park would not exist today if not for the donations made by individuals and organizations. These facilities are integral to the quality of life of the Bridgetown community and continue to offer recreational and educational opportunities to area residents and visitors alike.

One donation that continues to have an impact on the community is the bequest made by the
 late Max B. Young, a former resident and business owner in Bridgetown. When Mr. Young died in 1974 he left the residue of his estate to the Town to be used for the continued operation of the Bridgetown Arena. The residue of his estate proved to be quite substantial, over $70,000, most of which was invested in shares of the Royal Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank). The Town, in association with the Recreation Association, chose to keep the bank shares in the fund and use the dividend income to support the arena.

Shares in both banks have generated strong returns. The fund has generated over $250,000 in dividend income that has been used for the arena. The value of the fund over the years has grown to approximately $400,000 and has generated about $12,000 annually in dividend income. Having the funds available has also helped obtain funding from other levels of government to support repairs and improvements to the arena. 


Growing Your Gifts

Killarney Foundation

The Killarney Foundation should never have succeeded.

In the 1970’s Keith Heming, a lawyer in Killarney, started thinking about creating a foundation when he saw how many wills and estates that passed through his office included directions to bequeath money to out-of-town charities. He was told that it would not succeed in a community with a population less that 50,000. Killarney had 2,500 residents.

It took a year to set up and was slow to start. It took five years to build the fund to $20,000.  As support grew almost every person in Killarney was touched in some way by the grants made.


In 1985 they received an estate of $165,000 and with the high interest rate at the time were able to make significant grants. People started to see what this foundation could do. They got support from the public as they saw the right things were being done with the money. Now each year thousands of dollars go to the hospital, library, to senior citizens and to kids.

On average $175,00 is disbursed each year through the foundation, but money can be held back for a year to be distributed the following year.


There are 34 different funds that are part of the foundation. Anyone can add to a particular fund. “What is surprising is that when fund is started, it can end up paying out more than it’s original value over time. It is a permanent fund where only the income (the interest earnings from the fund) is spent. The original money stays there forever- it simply adds to the pool” said Heming.


Some people, Heming included, make annual contributions to the fund. Estate donations have run from $5,000 to $10,000 and have been recorded as high as $400,000.

Get Involved

We are always happy to accept a donation to help in the costs of providing the best care that we are able to our residents. 

Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt from the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. Donors from the United States can receive a US tax receipt applicable against US income. 

Recent changes in tax laws have made charitable giving easier and more attractive to donors. Donors can contribute cash, stocks and real property to the fund. In addition to receiving favourable tax treatment, donors would also know that their contributions will have made a tangible positive impact on the Mountain and Meadows Care 

Here is how you can Donate

Donate using your credit card through our partner Canada Helps. Just click the button below. Once you have done this you will be taken to the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia page. You can even make donations on behalf of your family and friends. If you want to set up automatic monthly donations, when you click the button you’ll be given the option to set up recurring donations during the donation process.


    Send your cheque payable to “ The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia”  to us directly at 
P.O. Box 233, Bridgetown



Drop off a donation to the Mountain and Meadows Care Group, 170 Church St, Bridgetown.

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