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Small Options Homes

In April 2023, Mountains and Meadows Care Group opened our first Small Options Homes where four participants moved in. Shortly thereafter, in June 2023, our second Small Options Homes opened where four other participants moved in. These first two homes are located in Yarmouth, while a third is now open in Digby.

 During the construction of their new homes, participants were supported and kept up to date throughout the transition process, in preparation for their move to the community. They had the opportunity to choose not only where they wanted to live, but the colour of their room and how it is decorated. 

The construction of our Small Options Homes is part of a five-year government plan to close institutions in Nova Scotia. This initiative is based on a report released earlier this year entitled "Human Rights Review and Remedy for the Findings of Systemic Discrimination Against Nova Scotians with Disabilities", referred to as "The Remedy". Small Options Homes provide support for three to four persons with disabilities in community homes, where the participants are supported by qualified staff.

 Participants living in Mountains and Meadows Care Group’s Small Options Homes are happy and involved in many community activities. The prospect of new experiences, and making many new memories, in these new homes is what we have all been striving for. Seeing the smiles on the participants’ faces and hearing their laughter during visits is amazing. They all love their beautiful new homes!

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