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Resident Council

The Residents’ Council of both Mountain Lea Lodge and The Meadows Community provide a vehicle through which residents maintain a degree of control over their lives, share in the management of their home, and thereby contribute to the well being of all involved, including staff and administration. It’s the important link between Residents and the business of running the home in which they live.

Our main purpose and goals are as follows:

To safeguard the rights of residents, and promote a quality of life within their home

To help residents communicate with one another and with staff and administration, in a strong, positive and continuing way

To establish a sense of community and friendship among residents

To gather news and information of interest to all, ensuring that all residents are informed about things that may affect them

To recognize, encourage and use the skills and talents of residents in working towards common goals

To encourage all residents to have a voice in their daily lives, and to express their concerns as members of the MMCG community, and as citizens of the greater community in which they live

To provide an emotionally safe forum where everyone has a chance to be heard, and speak with a common voice

For more information please email Brenda Brown.

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