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Harbourside Lodge

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Welcome to Harbourside Lodge

Harbourside Lodge is a licensed Adult Residential Center situated at the water's edge with a breathtaking view of the Yarmouth Harbour. We serve 32 adults with development disabilities and mental health obstacles. We opened our doors and have been meeting the challenge since January 1975, while providing a home-like environment and encouraging independence. Our 24 hr support team consists of Licensed Practical Nurses, Residential Care Workers, Recreation, Dietary and Environmental Services.

Recreational Activities
In House Activities




Arts & Crafts

Seasonal Celebrations

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Frenchy Shopping

Tim Hortons 

Bus Drives



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Kaye Nickerson Adult Services Centre

Life Shills for Disabled Adults Associations 

Project 50

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Live Music Events

Bowling at Brunswick Lane

Church Parties

Lion's Club World Service Day Supper

& Much More!

A right is something a person is morally and legally entitled to and others have the duty to respect and uphold.

As a resident of Harbourside Lodge, I have the right to:

 Be recognized as an individual.

Be treated with respect and dignity and to receive care in a kind and compassionate manner.

Reasonable personal privacy.

Make choices related to by care and be involved in changes and decisions which affect my life.

Have visitors

Practice my own religion, beliefs and culture free from discrimination.

Paid or voluntary employment.

Know information regarding my care and to keep it confidential by all involved.

Manage or receive help managing my money.

Live in a clean, safe and attractive environment.

Speak openly in a respectful manner without fear of condemnation or disciplinary action.

Participate in recreation and social functions as I choose.

Live in the least restrictive environment.

Be exposed to expectations, within the limits of my abilities that will provide me with growth, independence and sense of well being.

 Be protected against emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Make mistakes.

As a Resident of Harbourside Lodge I shall be expected to:

Assume responsibility for the consequences of my actions to the degree that I am able to exercise self-control and to comprehend the relationship between my actions and the consequences.

Resident Rights

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