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Cook - Mountain Lea Lodge

“There are some great people in this building…”

What do you love about working here?

The social aspect with my co-workers.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking about working here?

The pay is good, and so are the hours. Being able to be social with co-workers is great, too.

How does working for MMCG help you to achieve your personal goals?

Cleanliness, professionalism and culinary execution are goals I maintain.

What are you most proud of?

Being able to put out a great meal, and getting smiles on the faces of the residents.

The cleanliness of the work areas.

What is it about your workplace that makes it unique?

We are one of only a few homes that still do cooking from scratch. That’s one of the advantages of MMCG. I feel home-cooked meals are important.

Describe the moment when you knew you had made the right decision to work here.

I can’t place one moment, but when people talk positively about you, then that makes you feel wanted, and makes you feel you belong.

Special occasion treats made in the MLL kitchen


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